Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's under the hood?

Batman: Under the Red Hood [Blu-ray]As the title may suggest, I picked up the new offering from Warner Bros.   ... DC's Batman: Under the Red Hood.   It's a great movie that explores the relationship between Batman and his former protege .. Jason Todd ... aka Robin.   Lots of fun, and definately recommended.   I didn't pick up Clash of the Titans as I  have seen the movie around 4x in the theater.  Needless to say, great movie.   Though the '3D version that hit the theaters wasn't worth the extra money you need to dish out to see it.

Personally, nothing to much, but I'll point-form some of the events, because I've been slacking in doing these posts.  Shame.... for shame.  I know, but here we go....

- Went to the beach... like 2x this week.   Love the water, the air, the sand between my toes.  

- Church BBQ happened last weekend.   Though the day was cloudy, and it did rain early on, it was relatively dry by the time the event started.   I almost missed it due to a nice long nap I had in the afternoon.   Lots of people showed up, not as many as in other years though.    Hope the weather is BETTER next year.

- Got to play Lord of the Rings Online again on my desktop.   Great stuff, though it took a letter to the CRTC to get anything done.   Hope I don't have anymore problems with my internet provider.

- Downloaded patch for Star Trek Online.   2gig ... 2 GIG!!  But ... it was worth it.   I can now explore my own ship, and I even have a Captain's office.   Will talk about it a bit more after I've played more of the game.

- My youth center is getting an overhaul.   Trouble is... is that until all the painting is done, and the re-arranging is completed ... it's not really a place for the teens .. nothing to do.    Everything should be more 'sane' next week.   I will say that the center is looking very cool, and I think it will draw in many teens in the future.

- Signed up for DC Universe Online.   Looks like a great game.    As if I need another MMO.

- Went to Hanover over the weekend... played some Risk.    I am NOT the person to play risk.  I'm way to conniving and competative when it comes to this game.   But, it was lots of fun.

- Been working on my Runekeeper in LOTRO.. mostly doing some scholaring.   lots of crafting.  

- Saw a deer cross the road close to my home.   The Lord continues to keep me safe  in the car.   STAY AWAY FROM MY CAR evil wildlife.

- Temperature's cooling off.   Finally.

Alright, that's all for today.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dispicable Me

Despicable Me Deluxe 10 Inch Plush Figure Minion StewartJust saw the movie "Despicable Me" and gotta say that I loved it.   It was one of the funniest movie experiences I've had this year, and this is my pick for animated movie of the year.   Simply wonderful, and heartwarming.   Haven't laughed this hard in a while.    If your a dad with daughters..well, this is definately a movie that will move you.

On a different note, the drop-in center is looking better each day, and by next week I think it will look great.   It's being painted in mocha colors.... very warm tones... I'm inclined to have a coffee everytime I enter the center.  I still had the supper for the teens tonight, though only a few showed up in time for the meal .. more showed up .. AFTER the meal was done.   Good food too ... fried chicken and potato salad .. and chocolate cupcakes for desert.    Ok, not healthy, but delicious.

I help a client of mine with their job working at the Good Food Box.   Basically unloading a truck full of food, packing them into boxes, and drop-in some off at a group home.   It's fairly intense for some of my *ahem* stature.   Lots of sweat and grunting involved.   The group homes appreciated the food, and at the end of the day, I didn't mind delivering it to them.

Time to go.   Blessings,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Such a Loser!!

The Losers (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)

Ok, Blu-ray pick this Tuesday (and maybe a regular column here every Tuesday) is definately 'The losers.   This movie really surprised me when I went to the Theater to see it, and I wasn't sure what to expect, but after watching it, I found a rather entertaining, fast-shooting, comedic action movie that serves to drive home fun to the watcher.  Well, ok, at least to me.    Some people think the plot may be to thin, but personally, it's a great fun movie.  

Another movie I can't wait to come out, that has the same sort of sensibility is the A-team.   Both movies are sort of the same caliber (pun intended).   Though Sylvain White's direction in the Losers makes it the superior film.   

Sylvain captured the 'comic book' moment's in the movie just fine.  Oh, yeah, this movie is based on the DC comic of the same name. 
By the way, even though I'm pulling out ads to by stuff at Amazon, these things are seriously cheaper than at your local store.   If you trust the safety of the internet hehe.

Ok, so, on a more personal note, I went to work, everything went great.   I came Home took my mother to the Hanover Bible bookstore .. so much better than in Owen Sound.   I came home and ate a great supper.   Kudos to the chicken cookers at Zehrs.   I went for a great walk tonight, 'thank you Lord for the breath I breathe.'    

So, a couple mind probes today.    First, I did pick up the Loser's Blu-ray, and I'm cheezed at how much I'm being charged now on these purchases.   The disk is $32.99 .. now add 15% tax, and now I'm paying over $37 for a movie.   Of course I'm upset because of the new tax, but I'm even more upset at a movie industry that is charging me  $32.99 for a Blu-ray movie.   Albeit the edition I picked up included a DVD version, and a digital copy.   BUT think about this the next time you pick up a  Blu-ray/DVD ... a) how much are you actually going to watch the said movie, and b) is there an alternative?

With the emerging of decent internet services for most people, Direct download services, like Netflix coming to Canada, this will be the viable option ... especially for those artsy films that you may only watch once.   It will be cheaper than renting from a store (goodbye Video industry), and it will a) save the environment in the end b) save shelf space so now you'll have a place for those things called 'books'.

Until Netflix arrives, and the capability of streaming video becomes an option for the masses, one way to save some money, for those much sought after movies is to check out Blockbuster, who after a few weeks of release, you will find the previously watched discs on for considerably less than in retail.    Sadly enough, it's Netflix's impact on the dvd market that is hurting Blockbuster in the states.    Who knows if we'll see any movie rental stores 10 years from now.

Next Tuesday: 2 great movies being released -- Clash of the Titans, and Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a quick note.

Ok, no fancy graphics or anything, but I just wanted to write SOMETHING down .... get into the habit of doing these blogs regularly.  More for my benefit than anybody else's I suppose.

Today I was back to work, and really didn't want to be.   I miss my holidays already.  Funny thing is, is that even if I did continue my holidays I' d probably be bored to death hehe.

Work went fine, and my other job at the youth center was 'meh'.   The drop-in center is still a mess, the painting isn't all done.  Hopefully by Wednesday everything will be completed.   No teens showed up for soccer, but the volunteers and myself went to see the movie 'Inception' with Leo Decaprio.   I think this is the first Decaprio movie I've seen since Titanic.   Strangely the end of both movies included copious amounts of water.  Go figure. On a more absurd note, I put a new battery in my tribble.  yes, I have an exact replica of a tribble from Star Trek in my room.   It makes the purring noise as well as the ... attacking noise (when Klingon's are around).   Funny stuff... very geeky, very me.

I prefer a Tribble to most pets, less hassle and no mouth to feed.   Remember don't feed the tribble, they'll multiply you out of your home ;)

I signed up for DC Universe Online Beta.   Ya, I know, I don't need to play another MMO, but this one should be fun to check out, espcially if I get into the FREE beta!

Anyway, off to bed, though I might read a couple pages from Star Wars the Old Republic.    So far a fun read, though it was a bit slow at the begining.  Though alot of books tend to be that way.


Back to Work ...

****this post was to of been published yesterday, but due to power failure, I couldn't do it.  So hear it is a day later ****
Ok, so this is the end of my week off ... the only holiday that I get off from both the Youth center that I work at, and from Community Living.   I so don't want to go back tomorrow.  

On the other hand, my vacation has been rather eventful.   Between going to the Jays game, seeing a great air show, and getting a chance to head down to the beach, well ... this has been a great week.   To bad it has to end.

Funny thing is that tomorrow, I'll be starting work again and after the first hour, I'll be right back into the swing of things.   It will be all ok.   Its funny that alot of times we don't like to do some stuff, but when we start, things seem to go pretty good.

Well, today, being the final day of vacation ... I went to Church, heard a good sermon on Habakuk, and Nahum .. it was minor, but good ;)   Then went out with my mother (being the good son I am) for lunch, though it ended up to be more like brunch.. man I love me some eggs.   Then after I got home, I went to Port Elgin to meet up with a buddy of mine, and we toured Walmart, looking at all the electronics that we couldn't afford.   I got home around 6:30 pm, and played a little of Age of Conan (AoC), and some Star Trek Online (STO).

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flying High

Woke up early this morning and headed to Midland, Ontario to attend the Battle of Norway/Battle of Britain 70 th Anniversary airshow.    It was a great time out in the sun, and checking out some classic planes.   I haven't been to an airshow for 15 years or so, and so this was a real treat.

I applaud the organizers, as everything seemed to be working smoothly, even my GPS helped guide me to the proper airport.  

The weather was superb for this event, and the planes didn't crash into each other.. good stuff.

I'll find out tomorrow which parts of me I forgot to put sunscreen on.   Anyway, I don't have much to say, other than it's hard not to appreciate the engineering of these planes, and just how amazing flying is.    In my late high school years, I was tempted to get my pilots license through university .. though funds at the time were tight, and those dreams were dashed... after seeing an airshow like to days .. I always pondered what coulda been.

Here are a couple more photo's from the show.    Enjoy.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Music of the Old Republic

Today was another fine day, got a chance to head to Sauble Beach again, had a little more waves, which in turn meant more body surfing in the water.   Lotsa fun.   I also picked up the new Star Wars 'The Old Republic' novel called 'Fatal Alliance', with author Sean Williams.    So far great read, and it's getting me a little Stoked about the Old republic MMO coming out next year from the fine folks at Bioware.    This is going to be an epic game, that will undoubtedly put the Star Wars movies to shame.   The quality of the storytelling and the immersiveness of it is going to be awesome.

Check out some of the music for the game here.

Ok, tomorrow should be fairly decent, I'm going to an air show in Midland.   I'll be posting some pics of the action on the blog for your enjoyment.

Anyways, I'm off, but not before I put up a link to the Old republic book.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Being an Apprentice

Woke up this morning, and finished cutting the grass.  So glad I finished it before the rain started to come down. Took me the better part of the day to cut everything, but all is done, at least for this week.

I went to the movies and saw Sorcerer's Apprentice, which turned out to be a pretty decent movie.   If you go out to see it, there is a little blip at the end of the credits, but almost isn't worth sticking around to watch.  Really, better off to youtube it.

It did rain pretty hard today, but I was able to pull of a pic of a beautiful bit of a rainbow that was taken from my balcony.  

I love rainbows, and the promise that the rain will eventually end.

Played a bit of Star Trek Online today ... been doing that quite a bit on my holidays, but I finally made it to Captain in the game, which means new ship, and more abilities.   All good.   I still have plenty of levels to go before I reach  Admiral, or is it Vice Admiral??  Lots of adventuring either way you put it.

I put my camping plans on hiatus, and I'm glad I did, with all the rain coming down and all that.   I'm still thinking of going to the airshow in Midland, Ontario to check out the battle of Britain demonstration.   Should be lots of fun.   The planes of WWII were amazing, simple, and just plain cool to look at.

Well, its been a day.   Blessings.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Enjoying the Sun

Another hot day today, but this time I got a chance to head to Sauble Beach for the better part of the afternoon.   Going into the water, I realized just how blessed I was, here I am at one of the largest fresh water beaches in the world ... and I'm swimming in water that is probably cleaner than most people find in the world.   How cool is that?!?!  
Sometimes mind-boggling how blessed I am, where I live.    Needless to say, it was great enjoying the water, and the sun.

When I got home, I had a coffee, and then took the lawnmower out for a couple hours, before supper.  I also picked some more Black Currants, and it was hot.   Ohh how I longed to be back at the beach.   Yea, I was drenched in sweat by the end of the night.    Cooling down, by the air conditioner, I hoped on my computer and did some leveling on Star Trek Online.

I'm almost half-way to getting my character ... Pojoh to the rank of Captain.   Fun stuff.   I'm starting to explore some Cardassian space, and today was the first time that I journeyed to Deep Space 9.   I had fun geeking out.

I have a laugh whenever I see people play their games on Facebook.   They are so cheap looking and the concepts are very simple.   Basically crafting to make your farm bigger.   It's also a self-promotion for facebook.   I was glancing at a magazine cover that had the headline 'Facebook -- largest company in the world?' ... kinda scary how many people's lives are entwined in that little program.
Have you noticed that not only do you get junkmail from people, and companies, but these mini-games from Facebook easily makes a mess out of things when you log into the program.   I know there's gotta be a way to get rid of seeing what everyone is playing (besides the delete button).   Going to have to search for it in my options.

Well, tomorrow is going to be another scorcher, and I'm hoping that it's not too windy, so I'll go to the beach.   Or if it starts to rain, I'll head to the theaters.  I still want to watch 'Despicable Me' .. looks like a fun movie, and the reviews have been pretty positive.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Come all ye Children...

Rain's A Comin'

I picked up the new CD from Children18:3 called 'Rain's A Comin'  ... This is the second cd from this band that I have, and its strange that music this good is hidden under this bad of a cover.  I don't think many people know about the band, and to look at the members it's easy to dismiss them.   But, if your into some punk/rock groovin with lyrics that are really well written, pick this baby up.   The only thing you'll probably wish for is that there would be more songs, and longer songs.

It's nice to have a band that not only gives a hopeful message, but it is done so well.    The musicianship is great, the drumming, bass, guitars... all of it, a great package.

Ok, now I'm off to play some Star Trek Online.  

Current news and Predatory remarks.

I recovered from yesterdays massive inhaling of Wings, that's 17 chicken wing and one very small caesar salad.   Ok, I over did it, and that totally rots my idea of losing weight.   I find that I lack serious self-control when the option of 'all you can eat wings' is laid bare before my eyes.    Time to search for 'salad only' restaruants. ... yeah, I'll work on that one.

I saw Predators today, and I really enjoyed it, it was a fun flick, and who knew that Adrian Brody could put on the muscle.   Though trust me, he is far from the Arnold bod of the original.    It's great that they brought the Predator back into the jungle landscape, and I thought the little twist to the ending was a nice touch.   All that being said, nothing really beats the first Predator movie.   I remember when I first watched it on VHS (yea no dvd back then), and I saw the Predator for the first time, not knowing who or what it was... that was intense.   One thing I've noticed though, the movies in the 80's were alot bloodier and visceral than now.   I'm not much for the whole blood and gore thing, and didn't miss it in this one, but it's something I've observed.

I watched Total Recall a couple months back, and though there were some corny 80's special effects ... it was much bloodier than alot of movies I've seen recently.   Just an observation.    Back to Predators .. great movie, and there is still some gross stuff, but like I've mentioned, nothing like the original.  This movie also sports the 'F-Word' ...but really, the place is filled with a bunch of killers, I wasn't surprised.   Definately not a family friendly film.  Just an FYI.

Ok, now something more spiritual, and well, better for your soul than Predator.  Yea, I know, hard to believe.

Before I went to the show, I was out picking some Black Currants, small little berries, sour as anything, but they needed to be picked.   Whilst (notice the biblical language) I was in the wet berry patched (it rained like cats and dogs last night ... y'know, like when cats and dogs actually fall from the sky ... *sigh* i digress) and I recalled back about the farmer who plants the seed, and seed that falls on rocky soil basically dies or the birds come and grab it, but the farmer who plants the seed in the good soil, will reap a great harvest.   Well, when looking at my black currents, my thought was ... who really eats this stuff.     I mean, Black currents are sour ... unlike the sweeter red currents that I picked weeks ago.  

Yet, if you take black currents and make jam its sweet, and awesome on toast.

Ok, maybe I lost ya, so I'll go on.  

In our Churches we tend to coddle, or nuture people who are more .... professional... people who have everything in life all figured out.   They are like raspberries, yummy right off of the vine, hardly any changed need to happen, they are easily (to use a Star Trek term) replicated into Church families.

Yet, when Jesus tells this parable, he doesn't necessarily say the what the farmer grew was going to be sweet, sour, hard, or soft.   Just that the farmer planted some seeds.    I find it interesting that Christ didn't come to the people that had life all figured out, but he came to fishermen, tax collectors, prostitutes, etc.   Yet how much attention do we give those that are a little ....sour around the edges as it were.

The message of the bible is love, God's love, and our love between us and God, and our Neighbors.   Who are our neighbors... well we tend to think that those like us would be our neighbors.   Strange about that isn't it.   Yet the Bible constantly re-iterates God's love for orphans and widows, and His desire to love justice and  to do justice.  Justice for whom?   For those that have trouble, or can't speak for themselves.

God used Moses, a murderer to take a people to the promised land; David whom (mmm.. fancy King James word there) was the runt of the pack, to build a nation; and God even sent his own Son, to be born in a stable ... humbly, to achieve salvation for us all.  

So, no matter how 'unworthy' or 'unholy' you think you are, well ... God can use anyone, warts and all.  Heck, He's even using me!   And as a Church, we need to reach out to people that maybe don't fit the 'perfect mold' (whatever that is), but the Church needs to be about diversity ... reaching out to people, with the love that God through the Holy Spirit enables us to love.

I found it very cool, that in the middle of my berry patch, that I not only have tons of black currents, but also Raspberries are also inhabiting the same space.   Nice idea  isn't it.

Some ways Churches can look at diversifying, and integrate more people into their congregation:
-Look for ways to beautify a neigbourhood
- have headsets or ways to communicate with the blind, deaf
-Access to ramps
- taking communion on the road ... nursing homes, shut-ins
- offering a luncheon program for kids/teens
- Be aware of your people ... not everyone is comfortable or can read scripture in front of people, or are self-confident to sing hymns.
- give to local food programs, drop-in centers ... even if they are not part of your denomination.
-bless another church congregation somehow
- set up funds for kids of single-parent families ... for their education.
- watch how you set up your studies and homegroups ... some people may not want to have the group over at their house .. because they may not feel comfortable having people over.
- watch your church leadership, ensure that all income types are involved in your congregational activities.
-plan a mission trip ... locally.
- Look at supporting a refugee family.
- host cooking and nutritional classes
-help single mothers with babysitting.
- provide rides from and too sunday school.
- sports programs for city youth.    NOT just the ones that attend your Church.
- Do a cleanup day for single mothers.
- offer internet uses for families that can't afford it.
-  'free oil changes' to families that could use the help.
- Be careful to recognize the cost of your Church events, while still giving pride to parents who 'don't accept charity.
- Redefine events toward the poor... not charity, but community acts... and give everyone a chance to have self respect, and dignity. -- give people a chance to give back to the community at to the Church.
-offer shower programs for the homeless.
- help with hydro payments.
- utilize the gifts of your congregation.

Whew, I'm sure there's a lot more, but that's enough.   Tired, and off to a deacon's meeting.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Heating up.

A hot and muggy day... thank the Lord for air conditioners.   I heard in Toronto that there were some transformers that blew up, and caused a power outtage in the downtown core.   Crazy stuff.

I had soccer with the teens from the youth center tonight. ... well, I would of, if any showed up.   I was very thankful, and I was hoping that they were swimming instead.

Despite the heat, I still went for a great walk tonight.  Going the same distance all week, and then increasing the distance by next week.   Slowly working up to walking further and further.   I would like to do a country block by the end of summer.  Shouldn't be too hard but we'll see.

On a neat note, I received an invitation to go to a Blue Jays game this Saturday.    I don't care for baseball, but Street eats (mmm. sausage on a bun served by a street vendor) seems to be what I'm most excited about.   Strange, I'm trying to lose weight, but desire sausage still the same.

Reminds me of the Apostle Paul's talk about doing what you know is wrong, desiring THAT instead of what you know is right.  .. and yes, very much that's a paraphrase.    It's the constant battle of the Sin nature waging its war against our spirit/flesh .. but in my case it's the healthy choice versus delicious sausages.  

I try to justify the munching on food by thinking, "hey, I'll just do more walking.", or "I'll make it up tomorrow, yeah tomorrow I'll eat healthier."   It's funny and sad at the same time how many times we do that with our actions, words, and thoughts.  

On  a more addictive note, I got on my Age of Conan account .. it appears I gained like 21 levels (you gain one level for every 4 days you don't play the account.)   So, er.. 21 levels, that tells you how often I play the game.   As the name suggests, "Age of Conan" takes place in the world of Conan the Barbarian (Hyboria), and it has some great combat, and super graphics.    Not a game for little ones as it has mature content and lots o' blood.   The combat system is great, and it is fun.   For a bit.   I played the game for awhile, hit one of the main cities, and lagged ... big time.   So .... I suppose I'll just have to put the game on the shelf for a bit longer.   At this rate, I'll hit lvl 80 without playing a bit.

You know a game is a grind fest (constantly questing and doing meaningless tasks just for xp) when you give out free levels for NOT playing.    Its like the game makers say .. "Hey, its a great game in the begining, and end.... the middle stuff doesn't matter much, ignore it really ... nothing to write home about.    But wait 'til the end, yeah that's where the game shines"  *chortle*

Some people in the Church think its the same way ... the important message of salvation, the end is what matters ... heavenly glory, kingdom come.     Now true, our hope is in the future, but the present is also important to God.   How we live every moment we live and breathe, how we worship HIM through everyday life.   .... When you truly embrace the passion of God, of what He wants, what He desires from you ... well, then life becomes less of a grind fest doesn't it.   It's not the same old same old, it becomes What is God going to do in me, and through me today.

It's my prayer that you life isn't a grind fest, but that you know the renewal of God in your life, every day.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

'nother fine Sunday

Fairly decent day, went to Church this morning, heard a decent sermon 'Extreme Makeover' ala. how God changes us, and how our change affects others.   Big word bite ... Love.   Yup, simple word with big daddy implications.   Ok, so I'm oversimplifying it, but needless to say, it was a good sermon.  I came home, and took a nap... woke up, ate some cereal, and headed to the city to pick up a tent.   It's a 6-man tent, decent sale, on for $130, reg. price $260.   I find sales very deceptive in concept, when you think of it, the retailer is still making a profit on the $130 sale .... just think of the profit on the $260 sale.   Makes me wonder.    I bought the tent in Canadian Tire, a good enough store, with lots of item, but I find it strange that whenever you go in, the store is packed with sales.   Sometimes its hard to find anything that isn't on sale.   I'm wondering if anything is really on sale, or they just figure people will buy whatever has a red sales sign on it.    Oh well.  I gave into it anyways.

So now I have a tent, hmm.. perhaps I should go tenting, but not quite sure when or where to go.    I like the idea of tenting, of going out in the wild, fighting off the elements like ... public KOA bathrooms, mosquitos the size of Pinto's, and the beauty of sleeping on not so comfortable mattress.   It's part of manhood, and the great 'Getting in touch with your inner man' experience.   *sigh* well, maybe someday I'll figure this thing out.    Camping has gotten alot easier these days though.   They (Canadian Tire) actually sells a camping stove ..with and OVEN!    Not only that, but items to make a hot bath, sink, shower, a whack load of different lights, and coolers.   But an oven ... seriously how cool is that.   Nothing says getting into the wild like throwing in a frozen pizza, or baking an apple pie.   Ok I jest.   But camping is ALOT simpler than when I remember as a kid.   ... and no, I didn't pick up the oven.   Now if they had a propane driven Microwave.. that would be a different story.

Took another long walk tonight, feels good to take in the night air, and to feel better about the coffee and cherry cheese danish I had at Tim Hortons in the afternoon.    I also did a couple dungeons in Wow, so that was kind of fun.   Used my Paladin which I haven't used in awhile.

Might do some gaming tonight, put on some Mass Effect 2, or watch some Stargate SG-1.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Cut above the rest

The lawn is done, for another week which is great, and most important ... Germany triumphed over Argentina .. 4-0, awesome football match.    Hope Germany can keep it up when they go up against Spain on Wednesday.   

Not much happened today, went for a beautiful walk, and just tried to do some minor mmo'ing today.    A little of everything, from Wow, to Star Trek Online.   I'm still rather miffed at my internet company not allowing me to play Lord of the Rings Online.   Going to have to give them another call this week, and also check out with the CRTC about the rules on Back-throttling.  If I'm right there's a 30-60 day notice that they have to give when an internet company does that.

I'm attempting to watch Star Wars ep. 1 on dvd... but its really difficult.   I think I might watch Stargate SG-1 instead.  It doesn't have Jar Jar... so it rules.

When watching ep. 1 I'm astounded at the incredible badness of it.   I think Lucas has a problem in writing humor in his movies, or he's one of those guys that even though he's old, he tries to be 'hip' to the younger generation.   When droids go 'Roger-roger' ... it makes me cringe, when Jar-jar says 'Exqueeze me' it's a disaster.   

It would of been interesting to see the difference if the folks at Bioware, creators of Knights of the Old Republic, wrote Episode 1 instead.   *sigh*.. guess we'll never know, but I do know that it would've been better that what Lucas did.

Lucas is an ideas guy, and a guy that surrounds himself with people to get things done.   But he shouldn't write. lol, maybe I'm being too harsh, but watching ep. 1 tonight was really painful.

Time to get some rest.   Last night's sleep was horrible, and made me very cranky today.   Hope tonights better.

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Movie to laugh at.

Had a pretty decent day today.   I finished the back part of the yard, cutting the grass, and I even did the front ditches before heading to work to run off a new Prayer Calender for the youth center.   .... Yaaa July!   Good news, the awning is up at the youth center, didn't take a picture of it, but I should of ... maybe next week I'll actually remember and put one up.

The front door to the center is bright red again... YES!  I like it when the youth center doesn't look scummy, but presentable.

Lots of kids came out this afternoon, and only one youth came out tonight.   Not sure what's happening, but with the hottest yardsale in town tommorrow, and the big rock concert happening (aka. don't drive to Owen Sound), who knows whats up with the kids.

Took one of my volunteers out for supper at Montana's for a birthday celebration.  Good times were had, and my belly was full of rib and chicken awesomeness.   Also entered a draw for a bbq, mmm... shiny bbq.

So the night was pretty much a right off, since the one teen we had went home at 8:30 .. so we (2 volunteers and myself) went out to see Grown-Ups.   Great movie, lots of laughs.   *sigh* I need  a woman in my life. I think I always get this way when I see family films.  *double sigh*.   But, like I said great movie.

So task for tommorrow... finish cutting the lawn, and try to find out where the leak of water is coming into the house is from.

Work in progress --- internet company is 'back throttling' my connection.   So, in essence, they blocked my Lord of the Rings Online usage, because their servers can't handle it.   Though I have other games I could play, Lotro is my main one, and my connection (besides using the telephone, but seriously, who phones these days ..hehe) to my friends in Hanover.   I'm really not sure if what my internet company is doing is right, but since I live in the boonies, I don't know if I have another choice than to stick with them.   I need to check out my contract again.   UG.     On a positive note, I should be doing more writing than gaming anyways, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

Bane of the Sith

I've been consumed by the Dark-Side ... well ... in my reading anyways.   In anticipation of the Star Wars Old Republic MMO being released next year, I had a hankering for some starwars read.   So I picked out Path of Destruction and had a sit-down.   One day later I was finished and totally in love with the world that Drew Karpyshyn brought out.   I loved the characters, I loved the pacing, and it was alot of fun, while providing great insight into the world of the 'Sith' in Starwars lore.  

As of now, I've finished the follow up, Rule of Two, and I'm waiting for the soft cover of the 3rd book in the series.

Though I love this book series, I'm more convinced than ever that when the mmo comes out I'll be playing NOT a Sith, and will be sticking to a roguish class, like 'smuggler'.   Why?   Because I don't think that I could make the choices that I would have to, in the game to be a sith.    Even though it's just a game, I find that more and more I need to bring my beliefs on-par to what ever I'm doing.   Bioware is a great gaming company, and one of the coolest things they do is to allow your decisions to drive your character.   Trick is, who you truly are, will, I think subconciously dictate the character you play.   So in the end, Sith, not for me, but ..... neither Jedi either.

I really have a problem with Jedi's kidnapping kids from their parents to raise them up to be emotionless servants who follow ' the man'.

I'll go into this alot deeper some other time, as right now I'm typing while at work, but needless to say, Smuggler, perhaps even Bounty hunter for me ... and I'm really getting anxious to play the Old Republic in 2011.