Friday, December 10, 2010

Preaching Date...

Just wanted to let you fine folks know, that on January 9 and 16 I will be preaching at First Baptist Church in Owen Sound.  Service starts at 11 am.  Should be fun. :)

Feeling Tangled

Tangled [+Digital Booklet]Ahh, another week under my belt, and I'm still alive and kick'n wooot!   Not to much happening, I'm still getting some Physio love for my Achilles heel, the sucker still hurts but between lasers, and messages ... I'm trusting that it will slowly get better.

This week was fraught with snowy delight, as we got dumped on.   So as a good guy I've been out blowing the driveway.   The crux of it all is that I didn't get a snow day.  I took half of Monday off, because it was Sooo boring.   Like 4 staff one client boring.   Especially since the said client (individual) left at noontime.    On the positive, I'm getting more hours Sat. night to make up for lost $$.

I love the snow, I love blowing it, and feeling my boot stepping on thousands of tiny snowflakes screaming in unison "CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH".   I figure they will have their revenge on my poor body as the winter wears on, and I slowly start grumbling about how many times I have to blow the snow.   But until then, I love it.

I saw the new Disney movie "Tangled" this week.   It was pretty good, though I think the ending was a little 'rushed'   and the relationship between Eugene and the horse could've played out more.   Oh, and there was singing.    I was looking forward to no singing.   Anyways, there it was.   The movie did tear at my heart, but I'm a sucker for true love, even if it is animated.   Then again there are real people in marriages that could use more animation.   Oh well.

I'm hoping to see the new Narnia movie this weekend.   This should be pretty good, but the trouble now is that there are SOooooo many good movies coming out now ... There's Tron, then the new Gulliver's Travel, Yogi Bear, and The Fighter.   Green Hornet starts on Jan. 14th as well.  Good stuff.   So in desperate need of a life. lol.

Still continuing my devotional series on the Book of Mark, through my other Blog 'The Narthax" Check it out if you have the chance.  Really I do it just for my devotional life, and it forces me to be more consistent ... getting more out of it that anyone else.

In Gaming news, well, Star Trek Online has the newest update 'Season 3' that was just released on Thursday.  It's got a new look for Sector Space, and tons of tweaks that really needed to get done.   The biggest thing I'm looking forward to in the next few weeks, is when the 'Foundry' is released.   Basically it gives you a chance to make your own Star Trek missions, and have people play through your scenario, and rate it.  I'm thinking the release date is going to coincide with the Christmas Holidays.  This game keeps getting better, and the developers aren't afraid of tweaking.

On Lord of the Rings Online, I'm just doing some crafting, and I have been cranking out a few levels on my new Champion 'Quandormir' I also picked up some new Wardrobe space, as Turbine had a 50% sale this week.   The biggest cool moment was having my burg, Pojoh, get his Mathom Society Pony.   The pony just look fabulous, and I think it's the prettiest horse in the game.   Though other horses do have better looking 'stuff' on them, the Mathom horse itself is the coolest.

Other things this week.   Ok, I've only been to the dentist twice in my life (that I can remember anyways), Once in '98, and last Wednesday.   Still no cavities.  Woot.  Not all good news, as the Dentist wants me to get rid of one wisdom tooth, that is going to cause me problems in the future, but for now, I'm rejoicing in the lack of cavities.   So, boys and girls, remember, brush your teeth, take your vitamins, and live clean.  :)

Well, I think that's it for now.   Been awhile since I've posted, and I've gotta do more... I think my "Narthax" blog is quickly catching up to this one.  

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When you feel for the NPC's

Going to a movie isn't just going into a movie, it's a chance to throw myself into the world and situations that are presenting themselves on the big screen for 2 hours, and for some strange reason I get emotionally attached what's happening ... Unless the movie is total crap, than I shed tears of regret for the $10 bucks I just spent.

Games are sort of the same thing, not that I get all blubbery anytime my burglar dies in Lord of the Rings, or the captain and crew of my starship in Star Trek Online dies in a horrible ball of FLAME and MOLTEN METAL.   No .. because, it's part of the game, part of how we get better as a player.    But sometimes there is a moment when I wish I didn't have to 'off' some npc (non-playable character).   

Like when I'm getting rid of bandits around Bree, and my burglar thrusts his dagger into a female npc ... there is a certain sound effect ... like the 'last breath' that you can hear .. that does have a sobering affect on me.   Are there times when the story of a game, or the npc's do some sort of action, or the game makes you do questionable things, that you just have to take a breath and go "Does this feel right?   Why is my character doing this?"

Does your belief system, the way your ideals are shaped, do they come into play in your video game time??

If your always playing the bad guy, if you like 'darker roles', if you like 'beating up the good guys' in games .. Is that reflective of who you are as a person?

How far can we dis-associate ourselves from the characters we play, the movies we watch, or the books/comics we read?

Stuff to reflect on.

The Lotro Store

Ah, the Lotro store, the place to exchange real money for fake goods.   Like the new 'Steed of Night' shown to the left.   A steed that looks funky, has the same attributes as a rep. mount, but is only available in the store, for one night only for $20 in real money.   OUCH!   Now Lord of the Rings Online isn't the only game that has a store, you can buy mounts in World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online.   etc.  but those companies allow all your characters to own the horse, spaceship etc.   Now, truth be told, when I realized that Lotro was selling this steed, my first inclination was 'gotta catch'em all' ... because, it's new and shiny, and it'll go with my other steeds in Lotro.   But after careful thought, and by the time my mind caught up to my wallet, I realized that I will pass on this mount. If you want a cool mount, get your rep up with the elves, or men, or wait for the winter festival.

That's not to say that I never spent money in the Lotro store.   But you've gotta draw the line somewhere.   So save your points/money for the important stuff in lotro ... like wardrobe space, virtues that you dread to grind in Moria ... and cool costumes (because with the wardrobe system, all your characters can wear your new duds ... and fashion counts ;)  ) but pass on silly and costly items like this.    Other things to pass on ... potions, crafting gear, food, festival items.  

Anyway, that's my take on it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Team Lotro..

Fairly slow going this week, dealing with a pulled Achilles Heel and going to Physiotherapy to get it all sorted out, oh the fun.   I'm just glad for health benefits.   Other than that, everything is going ok.   I picked up the Expendables on Blu-ray.  The Expendables (Three-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) such a great movie, and one of my favs of the summer.   Warning though, the violence can be in excess, but if you like action flicks, this is one of the better ones you can find.   I really enjoyed the behind the scenes documentary's.   I thought that Sly was a spiritual person, because both the Rocky series, and the last Rambo movie had a spiritual undertone, but apparently he isn't.   I find I need to pray for the guy.   I think he takes the role of tough guy a little too serious.   Is it just me, or does Stallone handling a cigar just .. seem weird. Still, it's fun stuff.

Actually was in a group tonight doing some sort of Loth medallion quest  ...I WAS IN A GROUP!!  It was fun.   First time I've been invited to group in like.. must be 5 months.  Surprisingly my internet connection held up.   I couldn't believe how much fun it was to be involved in a Lord of the Rings fellowship.   Cool stuff, and we conquered pretty good until the last boss (on hard mode).  Anyway, it's funny how long I've been soloing my burg 'Pojoh', and how much I missed the grouping aspect of LOTRO.   Good stuff.

Work is crazy, actually side-swiped a fellow staff meember's car with the 'company' van.  "OUCH!" .... we exchanged paint, and the other staff member was VERY forgiving.   Needless to say, this morning was pretty rough on my mental state.   I believe that was my first incident with our vans in like 20 years.   It's downhill from here folks.

This weekend plans to be a boring one, filled with much boredom.   An incoming Snowsquall doesn't help the situation either. I can say that I honestly don't miss the youth center that I used to work at, but I'm finding that I'm slowly going nuts NOT filling my nights with something.  It's weird considering that I've only been away from my old job for ALMOST 2 months.   I used to think that I would be the kind of person that would love to live as a hermit in some secluded place.  But  that's not the case.   Even with working throughout the week.

On the positive side, my other blog ... is going steadily, and keeping up the devotional routine is going better than expected.   check it out, updated daily :)

Ok, time to hit the sack.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Classic Star Trek Weapons for Yoti..

Ok, played with the new CLASSIC star trek weapons that I received for completing the Devidian episode of Star Trek Online... Classic Phaser, and Classic rifle (from the 'Cage' I believe)

The above is of course the phaser.  Now the rifle...

How awesome is THAT!!  Anyways, not only is the rifle cool, but it does decent damage as well.

Season 3 is coming out soon, early December I think.   When it is released, that will be the time to pick this game up if you haven't already.  Big changes happening to Sector Space, and the chance to create your own Star Trek episode.  Ok, the 'Foundry' as it will be called won't have all the features, but we will be able to dabble in it, until the full release comes out a couple weeks later.  Very cool.

STO tip of the day (or week, depending when I can get down to do these)... Remember, deal with the Targ Masters first, everything else second.   Crazy Klingon dogs with otherwise continue to respawn throughout you battles.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to STO ...

Finally played Star Trek Online, which seems like forever, especially considering the final episode of the Dividian storyline is out. The last chapter was amazing, and again, just wrapped everything up nicely.

It was a nice surprise to get the 300 day veteran reward (300 days of actual logging in), and I have some neat fireworks that can blast into space. The fire works are decent, not the cheap graphic version found in Lord of the Rings Online.

Speaking of LOTRO, I still need to get back and finish getting my tailor crafting done, but there doesn't seem to be enough time to do all of it.

I am still playing that uber secret beta testing game, and it's alot of fun, but still far from finished. Graphically, its something to geek out about. If you like action, this will be the one to check out. But, I can't say anymore, so I won't.

On the job front, still getting lots of hours at Community Living, worked every day this week, and I'm preaching this Sunday. I think I got the topic picked out, just need to get it all down on paper.

More on that another time.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam Blu-ray Review - Blu-ray Review at IGN

Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam Blu-ray Review - Blu-ray Review at IGN

Superman, Shazam, and Black Adam ... oh my?

Ok, lets face it, DC Comics/WB brings out really good, even amazingly awesome animated movies.   I usually buy any of them that come out, because their storyline and animation is just terrific, and the characters are top-notch.    THIS one looks great, it's got Superman (yea, used too much, but it's Superman), Shazam, and Black Adam ... who in his own right is so freaking vicious on the comic page.    So I was about to pick it up, and I find out that it's an animated 'short' movie.  


I'm going to pay close to $30 for a short movie?   Oh, btw, it does contain their previous shorts: Green Arrow, Jonah Hex, and the Spectre ... all with additional footage.   But still ... $30???

Ok, now what gets me is that they (WB) is thinking this is a neat package, new buyers are going to come and pick out this blu-ray (or dvd).   I think they don't realize that a person is only going to pick this up, IF they've picked up the other movies.   This is a FAN BOY thing.   Why would I spend that much money on a short film (and lets face it folks, their feature length movies only last 65-80 minutes) that contains other short films that I've already seen?   I think WB is milking the cash cow of their animated flicks through this offer.

I am going to see this sometime, but either it's going to be in 5 months from now, where I can get it cheap for 10 bucks, or I'll get it for Christmas.

Until then, I'll be watching Iron Man 2 again ... until next week when 'The Expendables' comes out.

Oh, finally the Avatar Blu-ray came out .. with all the extended stuff and extra's.  Funny, though, I've been waiting for this movie to come out, but  have no real desire to pick it up.   BTW, can somebody tell me the logic in, why the DVD version contains 3 disks ... and the Blu-ray version contains 3 disks?   It's BLU-RAY ... the whole point of this new technology was the amount of data these disks can hold.   Why not just stick everything on ONE DISK??   I have a theory ... THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE, and it's a straight copy.  Why else?  Anyone?

Talk'n about NPC's

How important is voice-over work in a game?   Since the dawn of video gaming, we have endured the 'text-speak', npc's that you couldn't hear, but you would have to read streams and streams of dialogue.  Any Final Fantasy gamer is used to it, and lets face it... THIS was one of the 'Positive' aspects of gaming that you can espouse to people  "Games aren't junk, they help in reading skills."   True though that may be... slowly the gaming landscape is changing  ... especially in the MMO genre.   Next year Star Wars the Old Republic is promising full voice-over work, on EVERY single piece of dialogue.   All professionally done.   But it's not the only one, though I think it will raise the bar in immersion, and believability of the game.   DC Universe Online also promises to use the actors from the JLA cartoon series, and add voice to the hero's.   I think that once we hear and experience these games, it will be hard to go back.

But don't worry, MMO's will continue to produce material that we have to read, but it's like the difference between regular television, and HD-TV.   Yea, you can always go and play World of Warcraft, or Final Fantasy, or Lord of the Rings Online.  ... that's cool.   But if the new games coming out Play really well, look amazing, and give the feeling of immersion, it will be hard to go back.

Friday, November 12, 2010

From WOW to STO :) .. dedicated to a friend.

Loved World of Warcraft, but glad I'm done with it.   I enjoy STO, it's a nice change of fantasy pace.   I actually found a couple machinima vids from this guild.  Thought I'd bring them out for all to enjoy.

Dabo Dabo Dabo -

This neat vid is a nice ode to Dabo.. basically Star Trek Roulette.  It's especially funny when you realize in the game that there is not much strategy in picking 3 numbers, and letting the wheel roll.   Unfortunately in the game you can only bet 100 credits per roll.   The stuff that you can get with Gold Pressed Latinum costs from 100,000 to 500,000 Latinum.   Therefore, you can see people playing this simple game, to just get a major (cosmetic) item.   This is a nice mockery of Dabo.  Good job guys :)


Ahh Fridays, the beacon of sun in a cloudy week.   Today's adventure of mine started with my daily devotional in Mark, which is at, and then checking my email.   Low and behold, I'm invited to play a closed beta of a really cool game.   Unfortunately the download is like 12.7 GB, and on my internet speed, this is going to take some time to accomplish.   I'm thinking that I should have it downloaded sometime on Monday.  

But, I'm really stoked to get into the closed beta of this game, and once more I'm just a little peeved at my Internet Provider for being so slow, and not really doing anything to speed up the system.  *sigh*.   The IP is now charging different fees for use, and I'm considering NOT using their internet service, swallow the $15 monthly (and yes I'm on contract) fee, and just try to switch to a mainline provider like Rogers.   But, we'll see.   It's kind of hard to complain about internet speed so much, when most of the world is struggling to survive through some sort of natural disaster, or just trying to find something to eat.   Perspective can help in making one conscious of their blessings.

Speaking of blessings, I went over to Kincardine to visit my brother.   Such a great town, with a boardwalk that meanders along the shore of Lake Huron.   Today's weather being VERY fantastic, and the great walk was really refreshing.   If you want to see a town that knows how to preserve their waterfront, this is the one.   I'm on a budget so we went to McD's for lunch.. always have room for a Big Mac.

When I came home, I saw that my comp. downloaded 2.7g of the patch, so that's cool.    Tomorrow I'll be heading over to Hanover and mix it up with some peeps.   aka, eating crap, watching movies, and eating more crap.   Should be great.   I'll try to cut down on the crap.   It goes through me, and I, in turn, have to crap.

I'll probably head to Sauble Beach for Church on Sunday, and check out their more contemporary service.   It'll be a nice change to worship with people my age and younger.   Something about having young people worship that really excites my spirit.   I think the bigger worry is getting up in time to do my devotional before Church.    I almost wrote down 'we'll see' again.   I feel very lackadaisical today.  

Last thing I need to do today, finish watching 'Flash Gordon'   Such a great '80's movie.   Of course what made it great was Queen doing the soundtrack.   Really cheesy movie, that I don't think could every be redone.

Ok, now off to check out a Star Trek -Machinima video... if it's any good I'll post it here.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Perspective on Remembrance Day...

Something that I heard from a Pastor on Sunday, that helps put things in perspective .. Note that I have the highest admiration for those who serve in our military, and who have passed away in line-of-duty but .. In World War 1 and 2 combined, there was just over 100,000 Canadian casualties.  That's over 8 years of military service (not including peace keeping, anti-terrorist missions since then).   In Canada we surpass that amount in Abortions in just the span of 2 years.  

Lest We Forget.

Why I like Jupiter Broadcasting.   Is a great site for many things, but especially for all things Star Trek Online related.   These guys have been doing this online tv for quite awhile, and have some geeky things to watch.

Check out their STOked episode, and also tons of other shows that include items like Linux, and Beer.

Hmm.. lifetime subscriptions.

Lifetime subscriptions to MMO's have their appeal to gamers.   Especially if you know for sure that your going to get your money out of 'em.  There are only 2 games that I have personally paid for the lifetime subscriptions; Lord of the Rings Online, and Star Trek Online.    Thank goodness for that, because I play both of these game regularly and they are both healthy mmo's .. meaning that after I paid for their lifetime subscriptions, the companies didn't fold up shop and leave their customers high and dry.

I was checking out the news today, and Champions Online is offering a lifetime subscription service, for the first time in a year.   Now generally speaking, I'm all for giving gamers the option for lifetime subscriptions ... but for the last 2 weeks the 'BIG' announcement from Cryptic studios was that Champion's Online was going to free-to-play.   FREE-TO-PLAY!!  I know that there are certain perks that are coming with lifetime memberships, like NOT buying all the upgrades to the game, a foxbat 'pet', and 2 retro costumes.   But is it really worth it?

For some who are regularly playing this game now .... it might be a decent deal, but even then, it would be hard pressed for people to buy into.   Especially for a game that is short on story for the long haul.

In my own opinion, I think this is a move to get people into their game before DC Universe Online launches.   Because for once .. Sony is taking its time with an MMO game, and is releasing DCU when it's ready, and when it's ready, it is going to be the big kahuna in the Superhero mmo landscape.    Why?

  1. It's got history, charm and it's the DC Universe!
  2. Professional voice actors.
  3. A Storyline.
  4. It is Console friendly ... the reason to consider getting a PS3.
  5. So far ... all signs lead to a polished released product.
  6. A chance to have your character appear in an actual LEGITIMATE comic book!!
Here is what Champions ONLINE needs to do in my humble opinion:
  1. Scrap the crafting ... it is really more confusing than helpful.   
  2. Have a storyline that makes sense, and that people can get behind.
  3. Have an environment that is conducive to the rpg crowd.
  4. Hook up with a comic book company ... even for 6 issues.   Build a legitimate rep with the comic book community.
  5. Lifetime subscriptions need real incentive.  aka.  Your own super hero pad, or sidekick.
So for now, Champions Online will have to wait for my $$.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Still around...

Ok, I haven't blogged for a bit, and I'm trying to write 50,000 words in a month.   Guess what?  I don't think the writing this is going to happen, as too much stuff is happening in my life.   Between work and gaming, seriously, who can even think about writing?!?!  Anyway, just to mumble some stuff on page, I'll let you know how the gaming thing is going:

Lord of the Rings Online:  My Burg (Pojoh) on Firefoot server (rpg? what rpg?) is now kindred with the Inn League.. and is now enjoying tromping around the world on a drunken steed!   I like this horse, as it's got like 4 kegs of ale on it's hind quarter.   I tend to think that all horses should have kegs of frothing ale on their hind quarters, but hey that's just me.     Also, i completed another virtue in the 'Discipline' line, and while I did that (in Sinaur?!?) I also picked up enough first age tokens, to make my burg kindred to Thorin's Hall... there was much celebration!!  Ok so now I'm in Eregion (ARAGON??) and killing wolves and nasty wargs for another mark toward my discipline trait.   Good stuff.  

Also, I got my Turbine Loot for the store today, which went toward wardrobe space.   Hopefully the wardrobe comes with a secret passage way into Narnia!!  Barring that though, it will be good to empty my chests of clothes.   Remember, in middle-earth, ya gotta look good to be good!!  So, all this happened in the last 2 days, as you can tell, I've been busy gaming.

Star Trek Online:  The Devidian Series: Episode 4 was released.   These episodes are amazingly well done, and really, if you have doubts about Star Trek Online, just get to level 10, and play these episodes.   The story is great, and everything about them really shines geeky Star Trek-i-dom.   At the end of Episode 4 you get a cool retro laser for your starship, which LEVELS AS YOU LEVEL.   So awesome.   I've finished the episode with my tactical captain 'Yoti' (pictured in the previous blog), and now going through it with my Admiral, Pojoh.

Ok, there you have it.

Oh, before you leave, I have a new blog centered around my faith.   Whether it's CD reviews, bible studies or whatever, check it out, it's called "the Narthax" ... hmm, which is not only a meeting place in Churches, but an amazing name in itself ... must be Klingon. ;)

Sunday, October 31, 2010


For those that follow my on twitter, you'll notice that I changed my profile pic.   Well, I decided to showcase a character for Star Trek Online, my own creation .. Yoti.    I love the character customization in STO and it was fun making a guy with a huge head, and thin .... appendages.   Notice that the stomach is big ... it is me after all :)

The costume is a version of the uniforms found in the movie 'Wrath of Khan' .. I just changed the colors.

50,000 word challenge ..

Ok, so I entered a contest (no real prize, just a challenge) to write a 50,000 word novel in one month.   So, here's what is going to happen, on November 1st i will post my writing on a blog, and you can check out my progress.   I'll do a link from this blog to the one that my story will be appearing in.

WARNING: the writing is going to suck, basically because in order to achieve this goal, I'm forgoing any editing, and THAT is going to be hard.   Story lines are going to stray, thoughts will go wild, but ... Editing is for December.

This challenge is part of the November being novel writing month, sponsored by  

Some days I will being doing less writing than other days, but it should be fun.  

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gobbled Sunday...

Taxi, TAXI!!
Turkey in a Can, I had that for supper.   I don't think that's natural, but there it is.   Had a great morning and Church, celebrating First Baptist Meaford's 126 anniversary.   I had cake, ice cream and pizza.  Life is good with cake, ice cream and pizza.   Anyway, as a way to balance everything out, I decided 'NO' to carbs and had a salad for supper with *sigh* canned Turkey.   So, instead of being somewhat healthy, the amount of salt in a can of turkey is astronomical.  I can feel my arteries hardening.    Not only was this a bad choice, but I watched the Addams Family movie on tv, with Popcorn.   Well, tomorrow is another day.

I remember an old Woody Allen movie where he's transported to the future, and he found out that everything was backwards .... all the junkfood was good for you, and not harmful.   THAT would be a great place.  

Gaming wise, I am now 'Kindred' with Forchel, which means buying a new mount.    It's furry.  One thing I've noticed with Lord of the Rings Online, the festival steeds look really amazing, but the horses that you really work hard on, and spend hours grinding  out, are sort of lackluster in comparison.    Well, at least the Forchel steed is the only one with long fur.  .. still, I think Turbine could of made the saddle a little fancier.

Next up, Inn league steed.  Gotta catch'em all.

I think I'm going to look more seriously at getting my masters degree in theology.   McMaster has a one day per week set up, which may work really well with my current schedule.    It'll take 5 years.    I think one day a week would be all that I could handle.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Tunes

Tiger Suit I picked up the new KT Tunstall Cd.   Very awesome stuff.   I really enjoyed her previous album (drastic fantastic), but this one really brings out KT's rocker stylings with some hip-hop soul.  It seems strange to read, but the music seems more free, and fun.    Anyway, if you want a more mature sounding album, with some edge to it, check it out.  

Not much happening today, I did some repair work on the Garage, throwing some cement into some cracks.    Spent most of the day on the computer, doing some harvest festival stuff, as well as working on getting some rep from Forchel for my Burglar.  I also checked out the podcast from, and the podcast from

I also finished listening to the commentary from Tim Conway on The Private Eyes [Blu-ray] which is a great movie.  I enjoyed hearing about the late Don Knotts.  You can tell that the budget on this movie was really low, but the comedy still stands up, thanks to the mastery of Knotts and Conway.   There are some errors that stand out, like when the movie is supposed to be a period piece, early 20th century, but in the distance you can make out transport truck driving down a highway.   There are a few other things, but really, it can be forgiven.   The only extras on this blu-ray is the commentary, and some photos.    I wish that there was more, especially considering that I spent $37 on it.   Ahh, the price of a classic I guess.

On Netflix today, I checked out Big Trouble in Little China Poster B 27x40 Kurt Russell Suzee Pai Dennis Dun and though the humor is very hokey, it's also very awesome.   Kurt Russell pulls off the role amazingly.   Almost forgot that John Carpenter made this flick (as well as 'The Thing' which also starred Kurt Russell), and that Kate Cattrall starred in this movie as well.   Really prefer her in this than in any Sex in the City show.   I wish that they would do a sequel to this movie.  

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I see RED!

Went to the movies tonight, and watched the movie RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous).   It was a great spy(ish) romp, and it was great to see Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, and John Malchovich together in a movie.    Also worth the ticket to admission is the appearance of Ernest Borgnine.   Man, it's awesome to see him still acting.  

The movie had lots of great action, and really, and the ending was fantastic (btw, stay away from Mordovia)

Most of my time was spent doing Harvestmath quests in the shire, and attempting to get that elusive skeletal horse.

Blogg wise, I'm considering arranging my blogs, and have this one become a fanfic for my burg, while doing different blogs for different things.   Stay tuned for more info.

Finally, here is a pic of a sunset that I took with my blackberry, as I was on the way to the movies.   Kinda looks like the sun is firing lasers through the clouds.   I like it.   Wish I had a real camera with better quality with me at the time though.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Haunted Burrow

Fall Festival in Middle Earth

It's Fall Festival time in Middle-earth, and I've gotta say, it's tons o' fun.   To the right is a pic of my 'Pojoh' burg, with the new festival horse, and of course a goblin mask.  One of the most fun things that Turbine has added this year is the haunted hobbit hole.  It seems like Bilbo Baggins left some surprises for those seeking his treasures.   As usual, has a great low-down on all the festive activities.   Click here to find out all you wanted to know about the festival.

In celebration (kind of), I pulled out some classic Addams Family episodes and am watching them before bed.    Really funny stuff after all these years.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Apple sales top $20 billion - a new record

Apple sales top $20 billion - a new record

Hmm, Used to be that Apple was the underdog. Well, they're going to have to wait for my money until IPAD vs. 2 Then again, they already got my cash thanks to itunes. Dang, Apple is like that Godzilla that Microsoft was.

I remember the early '90's when Apple was on no one's mind, and everyone counted them out.

Text Addiction

I was watching 'The Hour' show on CBC, and there was a neat interview with Tom Greene, and he mentioned something that just sort of jumped at me ... really rare considering that it's Tom Greene.    Anywhoo, there was a mention of texting, the texting that people do on their cell phones acting similar to what dopamine does to our brain ... in fact stimulating our pleasure senses.    

Think about it, when we text, and we get a quick response on our cell phones, how do we feel?    We feel elated, joyful, that someone responded to our message.   If we don't get a response, there is a moment, no matter how brief, where we tend to feel sad or depressed that we weren't text-ed back.    Maybe your like "Yea I know, so what??"

Consider that there are people, mostly young people that can text upwards of 1000-3000 texts a month.    Simple messages.   Even if like, 500 of those produce positive/negative responses to centers of our brain, does this constant 'Dopamine increase/decrease' make texting a drug?   Just google 'Text addiction' and you'll find a plethora of studies that support the thought that it is.

If you think that texting can be addictive, just think about how texting can affect our ability to process pleasure and depression in the way that we communicate to other people, or how we seek positive reinforcement from our relationships.    

Now I'm not saying that texting is bad, or that you should throw away your cellphones, but I do think that there are things that can get in the way of real relationships, and texting is no substitute for actual conversations.    I  also think that there is a warning about how relationships will change in the next 20 years.

Isn't weird that cellphones, initially made so that people can communicate with each other, may in the end be the end of real communication with each other?

If your a teen or parent, looking for ways to curb text-addiction, a growing problem in our society, click here for some ideas.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Car Shopping.

Ok, my 2007 Dodge Caliber is still doing me fine, and everything is great with it, but ... if I could choose a dream car, there are a few from the annals of Hollywood which come to mind.   Here are my choices of ultimate cars to own, if I had the money to pwn.   In no particular order ..

Apparently if you have $150,000.00 sitting around, you can own a replica of the Batmobile ... courtesy of Fiberglass Freaks.   Totally awesome.

Next up, is a true '80's classic:

I've always loved the Munsters tv show, especially the first season.   Their car was the best, though ...

let's not forget Grandpa Munster's the .... Dragula

Now there's a ton of other cool cars, like Kitt from Knight Rider, or the 'General Lee' from Dukes of Hazzard.   But these ones are ones that REALLY stand out in my mind.    Until I get that UBER paycheck from some unknown source, I guess I'll stick to my Caliber.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mad Meaford Blogger on the Loose!!

MAD MEAFORD BLOGGER BLOGS AT MIDNIGHT!!   Well, ok, maybe not.  Anyways, I was reading the 'Meaford Express' today, and apparently there is someone blogging false accusations about the Mayor Francis Richardson an the Meaford town council.   Apparently the blogger is saying false stuff about the towns budget, use of money etc. etc.   I think this is causing some steam due to the fact that it's election season, and Next week is the big vote.   There were 2 articles on the subject done by reporter Chris Fell.

I find a couple things EXTREMELY amusing about the whole thing.   First, it's a bloody blog.   Anyone can blog crap, and most people do.   Hey look at my pages, talk about over-exaggeration.   Really, how much weight does an 'Anonymous Blog' give??  

Secondly, The town counsel is actually going to look into doing something legal about this?? Seriously, your going to spend tax payer's money on a legal suit against an Anonymous Blogger??  Really??    Spending $100/hr on a lawyer to just prove a point?  Use the money instead on infrastruction, or youth employment initiatives, or the fire department.  

The paper does say that the town is pretty open to its books, and that there is no wrong doing.   Which is great I think.   I also think it's great that the Mayor is very open to the public about the books.    Cool, Great.   But why, WHY bring attention then to a blogger that is "anonymous" to the public.   You just gave CREDIBILITY to the blogger.

Ahh, maybe this is a conspiracy, maybe there is no ANONYMOUS BLOGGER, but it's the Mayor and counsel making this all up, so that they can inadvertently show to those few of us that read the Meaford Express, that everything is on the up and up?!  ;)

I laugh at the small town sometimes, and a counsel that gets upset over a blog that we can't read, since the blog is anonymous.   Yes, I've used the word 'anonymous' way to many times.    Anyway, I think that the Blogger is really Homer Simpson ... who else would have so much fun causing an uproar in the community?   Hopefully Lisa stops him from typing anymore, before the Town considers legal action against anyone twittering or Facebooking some evil plot against the counsel.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Carving up the past ...

Once more, I'm back ... I find I'm taking way to many breaks from posting, which is weird, considering that I actually enjoy doing this.   But stuff keeps getting in the way.    Anyway, I am finally done with youth ministry after 11 1/2 years running a youth center, and like ... over 20 years of basically working with teens total.   It feels good to finally be done.

I attended my last meeting tonight, and though it was good seeing everyone for the last time, it was better knowing that, that chapter of my life is over.   Not that it was torture or anything, but I'm like a rabbit that has a carrot on a stick, and I'm driven to move ahead and leave what is behind.

You can check out my last newsletter I made for the youth center here.

God has been pushing me to this moment for a long time.   Tonight He gave me the idea for a book that I know He's been wanting me to write for a long time.    Not quite sure if it will take the form of a bible study, or a stand alone book.    I guess it all depends how things flow with the project.

Funny, I always thought I'd write a work of fiction, but if it's a study guide, but, so be it.   I'd mention the topic, and title, but that will wait for another time.    Needless to say, my main thoughts are written down quicklyas it came to me on my drive to the meeting that I attended.

On another topic: New Munsters TV show  Seriously, do we really need it?    They've tried to remake the classic cult series before, with disastrous results.   Unless it's black and white, and done with a  laugh track, the idea should remain dead and buried.   So hard to find original ideas on TV now-a-days.

Musically, I just downloaded the new Crystavox CD  ... as Christian metal goes, especially in the '90's, this was one of THE best bands out there.   This NEW Cd is a remix of their older stuff, and if you want some great Biblical messages, with massive doses of Metal, this is the band to listen to, and this is the CD to get.

Gaming-wise, been working a little on LOTRO, and Turbine has a new pumpkin carving contest, click to check it out.  I'm tempted to try my hand at it ... we'll see how bored I am.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back Again ...

Ok, it's been awhile since my last blog.   No real reason why, just laziness I guess.   Anyway, to start things off for September, I'm going to give you Star Wars treats..  basically some of the best made Star Wars Fan films made (in my humble opinion).   I'm not ranking these, but these are the most professionally done films made.    I'm in awe when I think of all the effort, time, and money that went into making these films.  
First up is Star Wars cops (or troopers).  All time favorite, and the oldest of the bunch.

Next up is Solo Adventures.  Takes place before the 4th movie.

This one has a great ending, and is fun .... Essence of the force.  Dew watch it:

And Finally last but not least, 'A light in the Darkness'.   Pt 1 of 2.   A more serious movie than the others, but very well done.

A Light in the Darkness - Part One from A Light in the Darkness on Vimeo.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Help for the Hurting.

Tired tonight, probably because of lack of sleep.   Anyways, as most of us in  North America are guilty of not acknowledging the great need in Pakistan, due to the massive flooding they've experienced.

The flooding dwarfs the Haiti earthquake, or the Tsunami that hit Indonesia years ago.    I was watching the news for a little bit, and it's eye opening as the huge amount of damage that the flooding has caused.

I figured that the least I can do is provide a link to World Vision Canada, as they are doing some great stuff in Pakistan, and are a front-line organization during this crisis.    Help if you can, by clicking here.

Not much happening today, I was reading 'Pagan Christianity' by Frank Viola and George Barna, who were trying to point out many of the traditions that we employ in our Churches that derive from Pagan sources.  Strange book.   I understand some of their thoughts, and I enjoy the challenge that they put forth on traditional Churches.   I don't agree with some of them.   But interesting nonetheless.

I've always had the idea that our traditions, whether cultural, or from the Church held us back from experiencing what New Testament early Church was like, and in turn stagnate our growth as believers.   But, then again, most anything humanity has influenced in anyway is far from perfect.  I'm not going to link this book under Amazon, just because I'm yet convinced of the truth in its pages, but I still think it's an interesting read.

Onto Other Things:

Once more I hear of another person who has succumbed to alcoholism, and it makes me sad to think of the impact THAT is having on his family, his job, and friends.   It's a hard disease to overcome.  His mother was distraught about his condition.   Thank the Lord he's getting some help, but it's a hard climb out of the bottle.

On a lighter note:
I love fresh field tomato's, and I'm fortunate that my mother grew some this year.    I love my tomato sandwiches, with whipped dressing (not mayo), white onion, salt and pepper, all on rye german bread    Tastes sooo good.  I think I ate too much, thank goodness tomato's are healthy.

Tried to work on Lotro tonight, but the lag on my computer was too much.   Really wish I had a different internet provider.   Evil 3 year plan.

Planning for a yard sale this weekend.  Should be good.  I'm going to put a whole bunch of geeky things out for people.  Still need to clean-up the garage, and find things for the sale.

Time to head for bed, or think about heading to bed.    Laters peeps.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blurb ..

Just another quick blurb before I head to sleep.   I spent some time at and they had a great podcast, as they always seem to ... all about lotro (lord of the rings online).   They talked a bit about the Free to play program that 's coming out in September.   I can't wait, it should be fairly decent.

In my previous post, I mentioned my brother's birthday.  Well, everything went really well, he enjoyed the gifts, and of course we went out the Crabby Joe's in Kincardine to eat a wonderful meal.   No zombie apocolypse, but maybe tomorrow.

Heard a pretty decent sermon on the Prodigal Son, and my pastor referred the term Prodigal to mean basically ... how you spent your money.    That's different than what many perceive to mean something to do about how the Son returned home.    Ug, I really need to learn to spend my money better, and not waste it.   Love learning new things about old stories.   I find that when I look at the story of the Prodigal son, I really identify with the older brother .. and I'm sure that many 'long-time' Christians do as well.   It's easy for Pride to swell up in us, and quench the excitement that we should have when someone comes to a saving knowledge of Christ.   I think that's a problem when we've become to established in our little world sometimes, and I think this stressed the importance of not only evangelism, but of getting young people into the Church, to ignite the calling of God in the lives of older people.   Living long is fine, but living long in our complacency is damaging.   Just my thought.    I wish I was more like the Father though ... forgiving, and excited when people change from darkness to light.

Other news today ...
Headed to Hanover, and hung out with some buddies of mine.  Spent most of the time chilling in Middle-Earth, and worked a bit on my minstrel, whom I have been neglecting for about a year or so.   It was nice doing some questing with friends.   Though I love online gaming, especially mmo's, I really enjoy being in the same room with friends gaming, rather than talking over a headset.

Going to be a  rainy day tomorrow, and I sort of dread going to my day job, though its only for 6 hours.   Thankfully I have a holiday from the youth center.   I really need to work on the lawn, or the garage, depending on how much rain we get.

Alrighty, time for sleep.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Holiday time again :)

Ah, time once again to go on a holiday.  Yup, I have 2 weeks off of the youth center.   I do hope that I have a chance to hit the beach, catch some sun, and successfully avoid drowning in the clear clean waters of Georgian Bay.   Funny enough, I will probably grab as many hours at my community living job that I can.  I need to do alot of clean up around the house/lot that I can.    Somewhere I plan to have fun and relax, just not sure when.

When I return to the youth center I have 3 weeks go get things all sorted out for my departure.   Looking forward to moving on, and allowing God to move me where He wants me to go, and in turn move the youth center in the direction that it needs to go.

I've been working a bit on Lotro, just doing some stuff on my Rune keeper.   Finally moved past book 1, and half-way through book two.   I think part of my vacation will entail visiting middle-earth and getting ahead of the crowds of people that will start playing the game when 'Free-to-play' comes into effect September 10th.

I'm also thinking about organizing my blog a bit, to give daily themes, and studies.   This is going to take alot of discipline.   Hope it works.  I'm hoping to introduce new themes within a week or two.

It's my brother's birthday tomorrow.  I picked up the Zombie Survival guide for him, as well as a Tim's Card. Never know what to get the guy.   Either way, when the Zombie apocalypse comes, he'll survive.  That's a good thing.

I'm thinking I should write a book called ' The Church Zombie Guide' -- The Bible, real brain food;  How to fight zombie infection; Worship, Thankfulness, Prayer, and Fellowship, 4 Shotgun shells of Faith;  Loving the Undead, while staying alive;    

I'll follow that up with 'Vampire guide to the Christian faith' -- How Christ lifts us up when we think that life SUCKS; God doesn't make mis-STAKES; and Faith that you can sink your teeth into.

Anywhoo, time to say goodnight to insanity.  My, its late.   Until next time... toodles.
(originally written July 21st @ 1:30 am.)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Monday

So this was my first back to work at Community Living, after a week of lovely holidays.   Leading up to the first day of work, I'm always apprehensive, and dreading going back into the proverbial grind.    Of course when I actually got back to work everything seemed back to normal.    Still, I'll miss the times when I could sleep in.

I've been doing alot of gaming on Lord of the Rings Online (Lotro), and working on my Rune keeper on Landroval server.  I really like the general feel of the community on Landroval, as opposed to the Firefoot server.   People are at the Prancing Pony inn playing music, or doing stories, really good feel.    Anyways, my runekeeper is level 22 (yaaa), and delving into the Lone-Lands.   Lots of fun.

The website .. a casual stroll to mordor celebrated their one year anniversary.  Kudos to them.   Definitely the most entertaining source of Lotro on the web.  They did have an anniversary party on Landroval last Saturday night.  Complete with Hiders and Seekers game, Riddle contest, and lots of music from a Lotro band.   Seriously sweet.

I watched the movie 'Moon' that my pastor lent me.   A really great Sci-fi flick based on the Moon (go figure).   It was really well done, and was amazingly done considering that it was done with a budget of $5 million.  The story was really well developed.   I'll put a link to it at the bottom if your interested.

I heard that George Lucas is releasing the Star Wars series on Blu-ray in 2011.  There's even some deleted scenes that will be included.   Knowing Lucas, the transfer will be top-notch.

The movie Expendables was #1 this past weekend in the box-office.    Again, great action movie.

Time to head to bed,  gotta work tomorrow.  :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Expendables Uncovered

Ok, so this year we've had some awesome action movies, there was the Losers, and then there was A-Team.   Really good action movies.  There's Inception as well, but it was more of a thinker than and all out action bonanza.

The Expendables is the best, most adrenaline pumping action movie of the summer bar none.   If you like action movies... well, this is the one to go to.

Now, be warned, there are a couple F-Bombs, and the violence can get intense .. but if these things don't bother you, well, again.  see this movie.

I really enjoy the fact that all of the characters get some good screen time, and really ... it's great to see Dolph Lungren do a great job.  

The highlight of the movie though is Mickey Rourke, and the humanity that he brings to his scenes.   There's one monologue that he has, that really brings heart and soul to the picture.  

This is Stallone's baby, and he's really done a great job directing this movie.

Like I've mentioned ... definatly NOT a family friendly film.   But if your a fan of the action genre, this one has got it all.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Under the Law

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted.   Not that anyone REALLY reads my rants, but I hope to keep these thoughts o' mine coming more regularly.   I was reading Romans 7-8 today.  No easy task, and the theological big-wigs always seem to have a hay-day with these passages, as they contain some important things that relate, to not only our future destination, and the treatment of the old testament laws, but it even talks about eternal bodies, and groaning of creation.    Crazy stuff, I know, but all relevant to our faith.

I've always struggled with the Apostle Paul and his writings for a few reasons, a) He comes from a legalistic background, Old time Church leadership aka. Pharisee.   b) His immediate rise in the Christian Church.    When I look at the new testament you have the teachings of Jesus, which really goes against the legalistic doctrine of the leaders at the time, and then when you take a look at Paul's writing, its easy for me to see him bringing legalism back to the Church.   Was it easy for Paul to change his legalistic view of the law, and as a convert to Christianity to just leave everything at the door?

I don't think so, and I think that's where we get some neat stuff in Romans that talks about how the power of the law being nil and void, because of the grace of Christ, and how the Holy Spirit takes over from where the law began.   I like to think of it as ... before you needed to use your HEAD -- intellect and learn the laws.. but NOW  because of the work of the spirit it becomes a FAITH thing.   The holy spirit convicts, and corrects ... thanks to the work of Christ on the cross.    Before .. intellectually we had to figure stuff out, and hope we get sin out of our life. 

Isn't it awesome that the Holy Spirit now resides in us!! The power of sin in death is no more!!  Not because of our intellect, or understanding .. but on the grace of God, our faith in Him.

I still have some troubles with Paul, but that's my problem.   What I do love, is that he acknowledges the struggle he has with sin, and how he embraces ... and in turn how we need to embrace, the faith in God and the grace of God, which  delivers us from sin.

On to boring stuff...

Went to the beach today (2nd time this week)... the water was SO refreshing.   Enjoying my week off from one of my jobs.. basically it means that I get to sleep in.

Played some Lord of the Rings Online today, getting my runekeeper closer to lvl 40.   Did some quests in Esteldin, then headed to Rivendale, and now I'm in the Trollshaws.   So much questing to do.   I'm following the Book quests, which are side quests to the main story to Lord of the Rings.   I'm hunting the trail of  a Ringwraith.  Scary stuff.  

I cut some grass today.   Lawn probably won't be done until Friday.   I'm also repainting parts of moms mini-van that are being afflicted with rust.  Endless battle.

Finally, kind of a neat song from Children 18:3 ... to encourage you if you feel like you have nothing to offer.   God loves you, and He's your biggest cheerleader in your life.   Your the best!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's under the hood?

Batman: Under the Red Hood [Blu-ray]As the title may suggest, I picked up the new offering from Warner Bros.   ... DC's Batman: Under the Red Hood.   It's a great movie that explores the relationship between Batman and his former protege .. Jason Todd ... aka Robin.   Lots of fun, and definately recommended.   I didn't pick up Clash of the Titans as I  have seen the movie around 4x in the theater.  Needless to say, great movie.   Though the '3D version that hit the theaters wasn't worth the extra money you need to dish out to see it.

Personally, nothing to much, but I'll point-form some of the events, because I've been slacking in doing these posts.  Shame.... for shame.  I know, but here we go....

- Went to the beach... like 2x this week.   Love the water, the air, the sand between my toes.  

- Church BBQ happened last weekend.   Though the day was cloudy, and it did rain early on, it was relatively dry by the time the event started.   I almost missed it due to a nice long nap I had in the afternoon.   Lots of people showed up, not as many as in other years though.    Hope the weather is BETTER next year.

- Got to play Lord of the Rings Online again on my desktop.   Great stuff, though it took a letter to the CRTC to get anything done.   Hope I don't have anymore problems with my internet provider.

- Downloaded patch for Star Trek Online.   2gig ... 2 GIG!!  But ... it was worth it.   I can now explore my own ship, and I even have a Captain's office.   Will talk about it a bit more after I've played more of the game.

- My youth center is getting an overhaul.   Trouble is... is that until all the painting is done, and the re-arranging is completed ... it's not really a place for the teens .. nothing to do.    Everything should be more 'sane' next week.   I will say that the center is looking very cool, and I think it will draw in many teens in the future.

- Signed up for DC Universe Online.   Looks like a great game.    As if I need another MMO.

- Went to Hanover over the weekend... played some Risk.    I am NOT the person to play risk.  I'm way to conniving and competative when it comes to this game.   But, it was lots of fun.

- Been working on my Runekeeper in LOTRO.. mostly doing some scholaring.   lots of crafting.  

- Saw a deer cross the road close to my home.   The Lord continues to keep me safe  in the car.   STAY AWAY FROM MY CAR evil wildlife.

- Temperature's cooling off.   Finally.

Alright, that's all for today.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dispicable Me

Despicable Me Deluxe 10 Inch Plush Figure Minion StewartJust saw the movie "Despicable Me" and gotta say that I loved it.   It was one of the funniest movie experiences I've had this year, and this is my pick for animated movie of the year.   Simply wonderful, and heartwarming.   Haven't laughed this hard in a while.    If your a dad with daughters..well, this is definately a movie that will move you.

On a different note, the drop-in center is looking better each day, and by next week I think it will look great.   It's being painted in mocha colors.... very warm tones... I'm inclined to have a coffee everytime I enter the center.  I still had the supper for the teens tonight, though only a few showed up in time for the meal .. more showed up .. AFTER the meal was done.   Good food too ... fried chicken and potato salad .. and chocolate cupcakes for desert.    Ok, not healthy, but delicious.

I help a client of mine with their job working at the Good Food Box.   Basically unloading a truck full of food, packing them into boxes, and drop-in some off at a group home.   It's fairly intense for some of my *ahem* stature.   Lots of sweat and grunting involved.   The group homes appreciated the food, and at the end of the day, I didn't mind delivering it to them.

Time to go.   Blessings,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Such a Loser!!

The Losers (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)

Ok, Blu-ray pick this Tuesday (and maybe a regular column here every Tuesday) is definately 'The losers.   This movie really surprised me when I went to the Theater to see it, and I wasn't sure what to expect, but after watching it, I found a rather entertaining, fast-shooting, comedic action movie that serves to drive home fun to the watcher.  Well, ok, at least to me.    Some people think the plot may be to thin, but personally, it's a great fun movie.  

Another movie I can't wait to come out, that has the same sort of sensibility is the A-team.   Both movies are sort of the same caliber (pun intended).   Though Sylvain White's direction in the Losers makes it the superior film.   

Sylvain captured the 'comic book' moment's in the movie just fine.  Oh, yeah, this movie is based on the DC comic of the same name. 
By the way, even though I'm pulling out ads to by stuff at Amazon, these things are seriously cheaper than at your local store.   If you trust the safety of the internet hehe.

Ok, so, on a more personal note, I went to work, everything went great.   I came Home took my mother to the Hanover Bible bookstore .. so much better than in Owen Sound.   I came home and ate a great supper.   Kudos to the chicken cookers at Zehrs.   I went for a great walk tonight, 'thank you Lord for the breath I breathe.'    

So, a couple mind probes today.    First, I did pick up the Loser's Blu-ray, and I'm cheezed at how much I'm being charged now on these purchases.   The disk is $32.99 .. now add 15% tax, and now I'm paying over $37 for a movie.   Of course I'm upset because of the new tax, but I'm even more upset at a movie industry that is charging me  $32.99 for a Blu-ray movie.   Albeit the edition I picked up included a DVD version, and a digital copy.   BUT think about this the next time you pick up a  Blu-ray/DVD ... a) how much are you actually going to watch the said movie, and b) is there an alternative?

With the emerging of decent internet services for most people, Direct download services, like Netflix coming to Canada, this will be the viable option ... especially for those artsy films that you may only watch once.   It will be cheaper than renting from a store (goodbye Video industry), and it will a) save the environment in the end b) save shelf space so now you'll have a place for those things called 'books'.

Until Netflix arrives, and the capability of streaming video becomes an option for the masses, one way to save some money, for those much sought after movies is to check out Blockbuster, who after a few weeks of release, you will find the previously watched discs on for considerably less than in retail.    Sadly enough, it's Netflix's impact on the dvd market that is hurting Blockbuster in the states.    Who knows if we'll see any movie rental stores 10 years from now.

Next Tuesday: 2 great movies being released -- Clash of the Titans, and Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a quick note.

Ok, no fancy graphics or anything, but I just wanted to write SOMETHING down .... get into the habit of doing these blogs regularly.  More for my benefit than anybody else's I suppose.

Today I was back to work, and really didn't want to be.   I miss my holidays already.  Funny thing is, is that even if I did continue my holidays I' d probably be bored to death hehe.

Work went fine, and my other job at the youth center was 'meh'.   The drop-in center is still a mess, the painting isn't all done.  Hopefully by Wednesday everything will be completed.   No teens showed up for soccer, but the volunteers and myself went to see the movie 'Inception' with Leo Decaprio.   I think this is the first Decaprio movie I've seen since Titanic.   Strangely the end of both movies included copious amounts of water.  Go figure. On a more absurd note, I put a new battery in my tribble.  yes, I have an exact replica of a tribble from Star Trek in my room.   It makes the purring noise as well as the ... attacking noise (when Klingon's are around).   Funny stuff... very geeky, very me.

I prefer a Tribble to most pets, less hassle and no mouth to feed.   Remember don't feed the tribble, they'll multiply you out of your home ;)

I signed up for DC Universe Online Beta.   Ya, I know, I don't need to play another MMO, but this one should be fun to check out, espcially if I get into the FREE beta!

Anyway, off to bed, though I might read a couple pages from Star Wars the Old Republic.    So far a fun read, though it was a bit slow at the begining.  Though alot of books tend to be that way.


Back to Work ...

****this post was to of been published yesterday, but due to power failure, I couldn't do it.  So hear it is a day later ****
Ok, so this is the end of my week off ... the only holiday that I get off from both the Youth center that I work at, and from Community Living.   I so don't want to go back tomorrow.  

On the other hand, my vacation has been rather eventful.   Between going to the Jays game, seeing a great air show, and getting a chance to head down to the beach, well ... this has been a great week.   To bad it has to end.

Funny thing is that tomorrow, I'll be starting work again and after the first hour, I'll be right back into the swing of things.   It will be all ok.   Its funny that alot of times we don't like to do some stuff, but when we start, things seem to go pretty good.

Well, today, being the final day of vacation ... I went to Church, heard a good sermon on Habakuk, and Nahum .. it was minor, but good ;)   Then went out with my mother (being the good son I am) for lunch, though it ended up to be more like brunch.. man I love me some eggs.   Then after I got home, I went to Port Elgin to meet up with a buddy of mine, and we toured Walmart, looking at all the electronics that we couldn't afford.   I got home around 6:30 pm, and played a little of Age of Conan (AoC), and some Star Trek Online (STO).

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flying High

Woke up early this morning and headed to Midland, Ontario to attend the Battle of Norway/Battle of Britain 70 th Anniversary airshow.    It was a great time out in the sun, and checking out some classic planes.   I haven't been to an airshow for 15 years or so, and so this was a real treat.

I applaud the organizers, as everything seemed to be working smoothly, even my GPS helped guide me to the proper airport.  

The weather was superb for this event, and the planes didn't crash into each other.. good stuff.

I'll find out tomorrow which parts of me I forgot to put sunscreen on.   Anyway, I don't have much to say, other than it's hard not to appreciate the engineering of these planes, and just how amazing flying is.    In my late high school years, I was tempted to get my pilots license through university .. though funds at the time were tight, and those dreams were dashed... after seeing an airshow like to days .. I always pondered what coulda been.

Here are a couple more photo's from the show.    Enjoy.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Music of the Old Republic

Today was another fine day, got a chance to head to Sauble Beach again, had a little more waves, which in turn meant more body surfing in the water.   Lotsa fun.   I also picked up the new Star Wars 'The Old Republic' novel called 'Fatal Alliance', with author Sean Williams.    So far great read, and it's getting me a little Stoked about the Old republic MMO coming out next year from the fine folks at Bioware.    This is going to be an epic game, that will undoubtedly put the Star Wars movies to shame.   The quality of the storytelling and the immersiveness of it is going to be awesome.

Check out some of the music for the game here.

Ok, tomorrow should be fairly decent, I'm going to an air show in Midland.   I'll be posting some pics of the action on the blog for your enjoyment.

Anyways, I'm off, but not before I put up a link to the Old republic book.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Being an Apprentice

Woke up this morning, and finished cutting the grass.  So glad I finished it before the rain started to come down. Took me the better part of the day to cut everything, but all is done, at least for this week.

I went to the movies and saw Sorcerer's Apprentice, which turned out to be a pretty decent movie.   If you go out to see it, there is a little blip at the end of the credits, but almost isn't worth sticking around to watch.  Really, better off to youtube it.

It did rain pretty hard today, but I was able to pull of a pic of a beautiful bit of a rainbow that was taken from my balcony.  

I love rainbows, and the promise that the rain will eventually end.

Played a bit of Star Trek Online today ... been doing that quite a bit on my holidays, but I finally made it to Captain in the game, which means new ship, and more abilities.   All good.   I still have plenty of levels to go before I reach  Admiral, or is it Vice Admiral??  Lots of adventuring either way you put it.

I put my camping plans on hiatus, and I'm glad I did, with all the rain coming down and all that.   I'm still thinking of going to the airshow in Midland, Ontario to check out the battle of Britain demonstration.   Should be lots of fun.   The planes of WWII were amazing, simple, and just plain cool to look at.

Well, its been a day.   Blessings.